PMD Companies

Sorting at the workplace: the new normal


Sorting at the workplace needs to become the new normal – just as logical and easy as it is at home. Therefore Fost Plus aims to encourage companies and organisations to sort PMD as much as possible. We are not only focusing on raising awareness, but we are also offering practical support with implementation.


Businesses are required by law to sort their waste. This applies to waste generated by their basic activities and to the cans, bottles and other packaging used in offices, canteens and production halls. This particular waste flow still often ends up in residual waste, which means that the packaging and thus the materials are lost to recycling.


Fost Plus has set ambitious goals for sorting PMD in companies. We want to quasi double the quantity of collected PMD from 14,000 tonnes in 2018 to 26,000 tonnes in 2023. Despite the increase in working from home during the corona crisis, we achieved our interim targets in both 2020 (19,000 tonnes) and 2021 (22,000 tonnes) and remain on track to meet our target in 2023.

In addition to our communication campaigns, we offer the necessary practical support to companies wanting to start PMD sorting or improve their sorting results. They can find a lot of tips, advice and supporting material on In cooperation with Valipac, we also follow up companies that don’t yet have a contract with their waste partner for the collection of PMD. Companies that start sorting can get a welcome bonus.

Behind the scenes, we are working closely with the waste companies that are responsible for collecting PMD from companies. They receive an extra allowance for the additional tonnes that they collect compared with the previous year. In addition, we grant them access to a network of 16 transfer stations where they can drop off the PMD they collect from their customers, allowing us to optimise transport to the sorting centres.


Initiators: Fost Plus and Valipac.

Partners: private waste operators.




In 2021, Fost Plus collected 22,000 tonnes of PMD from companies, 3,000 tonnes more than in 2020.