Fost Plus is the driving force behind the recycling of household packaging in Belgium. Every day, we work with public and private partners to create a circular economy for household packaging, from collection among the general public to sustainable recycling in our own country.

Behind the scenes of Fost Plus: the recycling of packaging in Belgium
Recycling all packaging

Packaging is an essential part of our society. It plays an important role in the storage and protection of our products, especially food. Thanks to a well-developed collection, sorting and recycling system, we reduce the impact on the environment and ensure that packaging can stay in the chain as a new raw material. When packaging is useful and necessary, we provide a recycling solution. We help companies to make sustainable packaging choices and encourage the development of new technologies and recycling markets.

Cooperating in a unique ecosystem

We are not building the circular packaging economy alone. A whole chain of public and private parties is involved in the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging: authorities and intermunicipal companies, collection companies, sorting centres and recycling companies, producers and consumers. Fost Plus is the linchpin in this unique ecosystem. We promote cooperation all along the chain and make sure that all packaging can be recycled in the most efficient and sustainable way. Fost Plus is ISO9001 certified. This shows to our partners that our processes meet international standards and that we place great focus on continuous improvement.

Tomorrow's economy is a circular economy where we keep raw materials in the chain as much as possible.
How does Fost Plus help shaping a circular economy?
Circular economy is local economy

A sustainable circular economy should preferably also be a local economy. All the packaging that we collect is recycled to produce new raw materials in Belgium or neighbouring countries, avoiding transport over long distances. In this way, we also make a great contribution to economic activity and employment here in our own country. With the building of new sorting centres and recycling plants in Belgium, over the coming years no less than EUR 700 million is being invested in the local circular economy.

The New Blue Bag is a unique opportunity to develop a local circular packaging economy, with new sorting centres and recycling capacity for plastics here in Belgium.

Activity report 2022

Read more about our results and achievements in the past year.

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