Does your company put household packaging on the market? Then you have an obligation to report on this packaging to the government. You also have to make sure that your packaging is collected and recycled. By becoming a member of Fost Plus, you can arrange these legal obligations in the simplest way possible.

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Everything about your legal obligations

  • Companies that package household products or have such products packaged in Belgium in order to put them on the market under their own brand name or under a neutral brand.
  • Companies that import packaged household products or have such products imported in order to put them on the Belgian market.
  • Companies that produce or import service packaging in order to put it on the Belgian market. Service packaging is applied in the place where products or services are offered to consumers. Examples include wrapping paper, bread bags, pizza boxes and checkout bags.
  • If your company puts less than 300 kg of packaging on the market per year, you only need to join Fost Plus if you wish to use the Green Dot logo.

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  1. Information obligation. You have to report to the government about the types and quantities of packaging you put on the market each year.
  2. Take-back obligation. You have to arrange for your packaging to be collected, sorted and recycled. You also have to prove that your company has achieved the required recycling percentages.
  3. Three-year prevention plan. You draw up a prevention plan setting out the measures that you take to reduce the quantity of packaging and the goals that you aim to achieve. This obligation applies for companies that put at least 300 tonnes of single-use packaging on the market annually and for companies that package products or have products packaged in Belgium with at least 100 tonnes of single-use packaging per year.

If you become a member of Fost Plus, we will take care of the take-back and information obligations for your household packaging for you. In return, you will pay an annual contribution based on the quantity and type of packaging you put on the market. Each material has its own Green Dot rate, based on the actual cost of collection and recycling.Your contribution will be a minimum of €100, or €50 in the case of direct debit. Would you like an estimate of the contribution you will have to pay? Our Customer Service is happy to help you!

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You are not obliged to become a member of Fost Plus. You can of course declare your packaging to the government yourself, and develop your own system for collecting and recycling your packaging. But that is often not feasible or cost-effective in practice.

By joining Fost Plus, you can take advantage of our national collection systems, including via the blue PMD bag, our network of bottle banks, and the municipal recycling parks. Moreover, you and 5000 other companies contribute to a system that has been one of the best in Europe for more than 25 years. In 2022, we recycled more than 765,000 tonnes of household packaging, which is equivalent to a recycling percentage of 95%.

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Fost Plus is only competent for household packaging. For industrial packaging, you can contact Valipac. If you put both household and industrial packaging on the market, you need to join both organisations.

For the prevention plan, you can contact your professional federation and the Interregional Packaging Commission. You can draw up your prevention plan yourself or you can join a sector prevention plan.

Fost Plus is happy to help!

Do you have any questions about your legal obligations as a party responsible for packaging? Need help with your registration? Would you like an estimate of the contribution you will have to pay? If so, contact our helpdesk on + 32 (0)2 775 03 58 (menu 1) or send an e-mail to

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