Working at Fost Plus is working for a sustainable future. A team of passionate and dedicated colleagues is building a circular economy and a better society every day.

Who are we?

The name Fost Plus may not ring a bell right away, although you will find us in every Belgian household, on the street, at work or at your sports club. We are probably best known for the blue PMD bag. However, behind the scenes we do much more than that. We have been a driving force behind the circular economy in Belgium for almost 30 years.

With success. Because Belgians are real waste sorting champions. In 2022, we recycled more than 95% of all household packaging entering the Belgian market. A great achievement, but there is still a lot of work to do. It is our mission to completely close the chain of (raw) materials in order to contribute to a better world. To this end we are setting up innovation projects together with our partners, which allow us to explore new technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotisation. We closely monitor market trends and respond accordingly with digital solutions, while also looking at how we can optimise processes with real-time data. 

A can-do mentality  

The circular economy is evolving at high speed. New technologies, new materials (or new uses of it), new ways of rethinking packaging: creative ideas are given free rein in a variety of projects. Every department and every colleague delivers results. Consequently, jobcrafting is in our DNA, so that our jobs can evolve along with us. An extensive training offer at every level of the organisation provides a solid safety net. 

After all, we’re building a better world for each other – by allowing a flexible work schedule in all confidence, by encouraging open doors and by paying attention to the physical and mental well-being of all colleagues. After all, we can only deliver great results when we are in great form.   


A better world starts with yourself

Invest in yourself

The world is changing and so are you. That is why we provide training courses, coaching programmes and the opportunity to reinvent yourself. We give you the freedom to follow your own path. Internal mobility is naturally encouraged.

Be yourself

Fost Plus celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024 and it is no coincidence that 38% of colleagues have a seniority of 10 years. We encourage an open atmosphere, based on authenticity and mutual trust. We are proud that our team is growing year after year and welcoming new talent.

A place for diversity

Working at Fost Plus means working in an organisation where both professionalism and humanity prevail. We select candidates based on their talents and personality, regardless of their age, gender, origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. We therefore strive to make our selection procedure as transparent and objective as possible, for example:  

  • We pay special attention to candidates who need a reasonably adjusted workplace.
  • We give all candidates feedback, even if they are not selected. 

Did you know that... Fost Plus is a Great Place to Work?

Earning Great Place To Work® certification proves that our organisation is a nice place to work. It is a reliable insight into what is happening in the workplace. For the third year in a row, we achieve great results that reflect the work experience at Fost Plus.