All the packaging that you put in the New Blue Bag is recycled in Belgium and our neighbouring countries. This way, we not only limit the environmental impact, but we also make a welcome contribution to our local economy. 

Almost 80% of the materials collected by Fost Plus are processed in Belgium itself.

The circular economy is also a local economy

All materials collected by Fost Plus today are processed and recycled in Europe to produce secondary raw materials. Almost 80% is processed here in Belgium and almost 20% more in the neighbouring countries of Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The New Blue Bag takes us another step further. From now on, the packaging is sorted in five brand-new high-tech sorting centres in Belgium. Over the next few years, new recycling plants are to be built in Belgium as well. This way, the circular economy also becomes a local economy.


Recycling close to home brings nothing but advantages!

Lower environmental impact

When we recycle your packaging close to home, we avoid transporting it over long distances. This restricts CO2 emissions from lorries. 


Local jobs

Sorting and recycling packaging materials is a major economic activity that creates a good many jobs. We employ a total of 15 000 people in Belgium for the sorting and recycling of packaging. The new sorting and recycling centres for the New Blue Bag are to create another 500 direct and almost twice as many indirect jobs.


Find out where your packaging is recycled

Curious about where your packaging goes after you have sorted it at home? The maps below indicate the sorting centres and the recycling plants where the PMD, glass and paper-cardboard that we collect in Belgium are processed.

PMD sorteercentra teaser

PMD sorting centres in Belgium

recycling partners teaser (v2023)

Recycling partners in Belgium and neighbouring countries

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