The main goal of packaging is to protect products and keep them in the best possible condition. Companies don’t use packaging where this is not needed and the materials used are limited to what is strictly necessary. No more and no less.


Focus on primary functions

  • Packaging protects products from physical damage and negative influences caused by light, air and moisture.
  • Packaging can extend the lifetime and shelf life of products. This is most obvious with food products, but it also applies to other categories.
  • Packaging displays necessary information about production, how to use products and their ingredients. Logos and visual elements can make the product easily recognisable in the shop.
  • Packaging makes transportation, distribution and storage of products easier and offers more convenience for consumers. It also helps to prevent inappropriate or unsafe use of products, and to avoid waste.

A good prevention strategy incorporates all these aspects in packaging design that can achieve the best possible performance while minimising the materials used. Over the years, we have seen consistent falls in the volume and weight of plastic drinks bottles, thanks to new technological developments. We can also see that companies are increasingly removing unnecessary elements such as lids, sleeves or films where it is possible to do so.

What is the role of Fost Plus?

  • Guidelines and best practices. We offer advice and coaching to manufacturers to help them reduce their packaging further. We can help them to limit the volume and weight of packaging without increasing the risk of waste, and also to select the most suitable materials for each application.
  • Reporting superfluous packaging. Consumers can use our website to report packaging they view as unnecessary or superfluous. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and it generates a lot of useful feedback from the public. We are continuing to invest in the reporting form so that we can respond to queries even faster.

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