Sorting properly all the time, wherever you are!

More and better sorting naturally starts at home. But you can do a lot on the go, at work or at school, too.

pmd sorteren

Sorting at home

The sorting rules for PMD, glass and paper-cardboard. Extra tips for better recycling.


Sorting at the office

Sorting PMD at work is totally logical. Because we all do it at home. What’s more, it's sustainable and required by law. 


Sorting in the healthcare sector

Sorting PMD is compulsory everywhere, including in the medical sector – places like hospitals, residential care centres and doctors’ surgeries. 


Sorting in the food service industry

Sorting PMD is compulsory everywhere, including in hospitality establishments (restaurants, fast food chains, cafés, hotels, coffee bars, snack bars, sandwich shops)


Sorting at school

Learning to sort and deal sustainably with waste. Educational packages and workshops.