Pack It Better

Belgian hub for eco-designed packaging


Pack It Better encourages companies to make their packaging more sustainable and more recyclable. The platform pools a great deal of knowledge and expertise about eco-design in one place, where companies and knowledge institutions can come into contact with one another.


Many companies are looking for ways of making their packaging more sustainable and more recyclable. However, they do not always have the knowledge and expertise to make the right choices. And yet a great deal of knowledge is available in our Belgian knowledge institutions.


With the Pack It Better platform, Fost Plus and Valipac are encouraging the eco-design of both household and industrial packaging. The aim is to make the existing know-how and expertise that is available in companies, knowledge institutions and research centres more accessible to anyone who wants to make their packaging more sustainable and more recyclable.

The website pools information on new developments and initiatives in sustainable packaging. The focus is on both quantitative and qualitative prevention and on better recyclability and circular applications.

In addition, companies will find many useful tools, best practices and practical examples here. The agenda provides an overview of webinars, seminars, training courses and other activities focusing on circular packaging. The website also includes a news section where interesting messages from our experts on circular packing can be posted.

Finally, Pack It Better also serves as a meeting place between companies and experts. Visitors can ask questions about circular packaging via the platform and are then put in contact with the appropriate experts. They can also find more information about the specific fields of expertise and contact details of the knowledge institutions.

Pack It Better was launched in March 2021 and is being promoted via the federations.


Initiators: Fost Plus and Valipac

Supporting partners: Comeos, Detic, Essenscia, Fedustria and Fevia

Knowledge partners: Arteveldehogeschool, Belgische Baksteenfederatie, Cargo Securing Testing Services, Celabor, European Aluminium (Packaging group), Febelcem, Filpap, Flanders Food, IBE-BVI, Indufed, LIW, Logistics in Wallonia, MPR&S, Pack4Food, PEFC Belgium, Plarebel, Recarton Belgium, Senstech-Sensnet VZW, University of Antwerp, University of Ghent, VIL and VKC-Centexbel