Design4Recycling guidelines

Do’s and don’ts for more recyclable packaging


The Design4Recycling guidelines from Fost Plus provide a foothold for companies that want to make their packaging more sustainable and more recyclable. By following the guidelines, they can be sure that their packaging can be included in the Fost Plus sorting and recycling chain without any problems.


Many companies are making great efforts to ensure that their packaging is more sustainable and more recyclable in order to meet the ever higher recycling targets. But properly assessing the impact of their choices on the further sorting and recycling process is no easy task.


With the Design4Recycling guidelines, Fost Plus helps companies to develop sustainable and more recyclable packaging that can also be easily incorporated into the current sorting and recycling processes.

The guidelines are based on our knowledge of the processes in sorting centres and recycling plants and the impact of specific materials and packaging types. We have used this knowledge to draw up a series of simple do’s and don’ts that companies can use when making their decisions.

Among other things, we recommend using mono materials as much as possible. Packaging made of multiple materials – and certainly if it is laminated or glued - is far more difficult to recycle in practice. Black, dark and opaque materials are best avoided because they are often not detected in the sorting centres.

In addition, the guidelines contain specific recommendations on the use of bioplastics, labels, sleeves, inks and adhesives.

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