Integrated European project to reduce residual waste


Material Approach on Residual Waste Targets and a Litter Free Environment of Cmartlife is a European project through which OVAM aims to accelerate Flemish waste management policy. The focus is on plastics, their impact on the environment, their share in residual waste and in litter. Cmartlife reinforces the existing actions of Fost Plus for the collection and recycling of packaging used out of home.


Flanders leads the way in the recycling and reuse of waste flows for both household and industrial waste. In-depth knowledge, further innovation and investments are needed to take the next steps. Cmartlife is a LIFE-Integrated Project that provides European support to implement local policies. By bringing partners together, synergies are created at a local level that can serve as a model at the European level.


The Cmartlife project implements the Flemish waste management policy, paying specific attention to speeding up and reinforcing the Plastics Action Plan. This is achieved with innovative and effective approaches that prevent the loss of recyclable plastic in household and industrial waste and that support the close cooperation between all partners in the value chain. The ultimate goal is to achieve a 15% reduction in residual waste by 2027.

Project actions focus on closing material loops (by recycling and reusing), slowing the loops (by increasing product lifespans) and shrinking the loops (by using fewer raw materials). Knowledge and data gathering are an ongoing task.

In practical terms, the project partners aim to set up scalable actions at the Flemish level that:

  • encourage more efficient use of plastic
  • avoid (plastic) litter
  • support a sustainable recycling market for plastics
  • position recycled plastic as a valuable raw material.

Within Cmartlife, Fost Plus is focusing on actions that promote the collection of packaging waste out of home in order to increase the capture rate and reduce the amount of packaging in litter. In addition, with the construction of new sorting and recycling centres we are fostering the transformation of Belgium into a circular hub at the heart of Europe. Thanks to our role as a player on the ground, we can report efficiently on the achievements in these two areas.

The project dovetails with the European Waste Framework Directive, the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, the Circular Economy Action Plan 2020 (as part of the European Green Deal), the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, the Landfill Directive, the Waste Incineration Directive and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation.

For more information about Cmartlife, see the website.


OVAM, Denuo, Fost Plus, Valipac, Vlaco, VVSG and Westtoer