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Litter – the mental Click


With the “Click”, Fost Plus aims to establish a new standard for public cleanliness by motivating members of the public and rewarding them for their good behaviour. At the same time, we are offering towns, cities and communes a new tool in their fight against litter.


It is estimated that 2.77 kg of litter per person per year ends up on the street or in the countryside. This annoys a lot of people and is harmful for our living environment. In addition, litter contains lots of packaging materials that could easily be recycled.


With the “Click” Fost Plus is counting on the active participation of the general public in the fight against litter. By rewarding them for their good behaviour, we aim to make them “click” about not throwing or leaving rubbish on the ground. The concept is simple: every time they throw packaging or another item of waste in the (correct) rubbish bin, they can scan this via an app on their smartphone. By doing so, they collect points – the so-called Circular UCoins – which they can then exchange at local merchants.

In the summer of 2020, De Haan was the first commune to sign up to a Click pilot project. Despite the restrictions because of the coronavirus measures, this first project immediately yielded highly promising results. The contents of the litter bins in the streets were taken to a special pre-sorting centre, so that the last recyclable packaging could be separated from the residual waste. This packaging could then be included in the regular PMD recycling circuit.

The pilot project is to be continued in De Haan in 2021 and the Click is also to be rolled out in other towns, cities and communes. We are counting on at least one more town or city in Flanders, two in Wallonia and one project in Brussels. We expect the Click to make a great contribution to the recovery plans of the towns and cities concerned, which want to give their local traders and hospitality sector an additional boost after the pandemic.


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