Recycling companies

Fost Plus works with specialized companies for the recycling of packaging waste. These recycling partners are selected via annual calls for tender, based on objective criteria.

Who are the current recycling partners of Fost Plus?

Consult the complete list of our recycling partners

How do you become a recycling partner of Fost Plus?

Recycling companies can only become partners of Fost Plus by answering the official calls for tender. These are usually published in September of each year. All companies offering effective recycling services – either by themselves or through an established partnership with third parties – can submit an offer. Selection of recycling partners is based on a number of objective criteria.

This is the procedure:

  • Publication of calls for tender. New calls for tender are published on the Fost Plus website and in De Tijd and L’Echo newspapers, usually around September of each year.

  • Requests for specifications. You can request the specifications for the calls for tender in writing using the form that is made available on this website at the start of the selection procedure. Only companies that have requested the specifications with this form can submit their tender.

  • Tenders are submitted. In the specifications, you can find the date by which you have to submit your offer.

  • Assessment of offers. Fost Plus analyzes the offers and awards the order in close consultation with the Awards Committee. Acquisition price of the materials, actual recycling guarantees, quality of the services offered, financial and technical capacities, and knowledge and experience of the candidate recycling partners are all decisive criteria. The Awards Committee consists of representatives of Fost Plus, the umbrella organizations for the intermunicipal companies (COPIDEC in Wallonia and Interafval in Flanders), Brussel Net, the material organization concerned, and an observer of the Interregional Packaging Commission (IVC/CIE).

  • Orders are awarded. Recycling companies that have been awarded the order(s) are officially announced in November/December.

How do you stay informed about new assignments?

  • Through our website where new calls for tender are announced timely.

  • In De Tijd and l'Echo newspapers in which new calls for tender are published.

  • Via e-mail: contact us at and tell us which materials you are interested in.

Value of the materials

The graphics in the links below show the evolution of average contract prices per material type. You find both historical figures and details of the last 24 months.

PET bottles and flasks
HDPE bottles and flasks
Drinks cartons

Since these are average prices of old contracts over a long term and recent contracts, they cannot be considered as representative market prices on any given moment.

More information?

Please contact Erik Nootens via +32 (0) 2 775 03 50 or at