Jacobs Douwe Egberts makes the Click!


The issue of our impact on the environment through waste management is something that concerns us all. That is why Jacobs Douwe Egberts has embraced the Click with a recently created community that employees can join.

A tool to support the environmental vision

Jacobs Douwe Egberts has a clear environmental vision based on three pillars. One of these pillars is a reduction in the environmental impact. And that involves efficient waste management.
As every action counts, the company decided to act at local level, too, and to set up a community so that everyone can make the Click together.
The challenge is simple: the company has set itself the target, together with its employees and during a specific period, of collecting 5,000 Clicks. The principle is based on a change in behaviour to combat litter. The Click is a way of rewarding people who throw packaging from food or drink on the go or litter they have picked up in the correct bin.
The key? A hearty ‘healthy’ breakfast for all the staff as a reward.
The staff were asked to download the Click app and join the JDE community during their lunch break and everyone is keen to take up the challenge!

The Click, a popular reward mechanism!

The Click was launched in Antwerp and De Haan in 2021. Now it is possible to ‘click’ throughout Belgium. Towns, cities and communes have joined the movement, but they are not alone... The Click is also present at events (Eneco Clean Beach Cup, festivals, world cycling championships) and communities of ‘Clickers’ have grown up in a number of companies.
Since its launch in summer 2021, the Click has won over more than 40,000 users, who have ‘clicked’ no fewer than 230,000 times. That means 230,000 pieces of litter no longer in our streets and public spaces. In the participating towns, cities and communes, waste, packaging, cans or cigarette stubs will join an appropriate logistics chain. In fact, PMD is pre-sorted before following the usual blue bag path and finally being recycled. The pre-sorting makes it possible to recover about 20% of PMD.
The Click is a simple and effective approach towards ensuring public cleanliness and fighting litter.
By downloading the app and joining the movement, people are rewarded for adopting the appropriate behaviour towards waste. All they have to do is pick it up – whether it is their own waste from food and drink on the go or litter –, scan it or photograph it using the app and then throw it in the correct bin.