Our international activities

Fost Plus has built up a solid international reputation over the years thanks to the high recycling percentages that we consistently achieve in our country. 

Inspiring other countries

Fost Plus makes the expertise that it has built up in Belgium available to other countries that want to implement a sustainable and efficient system for the collection and recycling of household packaging.

 We do this in various ways: by inviting delegations, presenting lectures and sharing best practices. In certain cases, we provide countries with support for specific projects. In the past, we have successfully completed projects in Cyprus, Israel and Romania.

Promoting sustainable packaging management in Europe and beyond

Fost Plus is one of the driving forces behind the umbrella organisation EXPRA, the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance.

The intention behind this is to unite a number of organisations that, just like Fost Plus in Belgium, bear responsibility for the collection and recycling of packaging waste. This has become necessary because the producer responsibility is currently interpreted very differently in the various European member states. Fost Plus advocates a level playing field for the management of household waste in Europe, in which the same rules apply to each country.

 The initiative is enjoying consistent and increasing success. EXPRA has 23 members at present. Most of these are from the European Union, but organisations from Canada, Israel and Turkey are also supporting the initiative.

Visit the EXPRA website for more information: www.expra.eu.