Fost Plus is responsible for promoting, coordinating and financing the selective collecting, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium.


Fost Plus is responsible for the collection and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium. Every year, we recycle some 680,000 tonnes of packaging, or almost 90% of all packaging that finds its way onto the Belgian market.

What Fost Plus does


Together, we turn efficient packaging management into sustainable resource management.

Our mission


A team of more than 50 employees joins us every day in streamlining the collection and recycling of household packaging waste in our country.



Fost Plus was founded in 1994 as a voluntary initiative of the private sector. Shortly after, the selective collection of household packaging waste was implemented throughout Belgium. No other European country scores better than Belgium when it comes to the quantity and quality of sorting. Here’s an overview of what we’ve achieved so far:


Legal framework

All about the legal framework in which Fost Plus operates: European directives, the Cooperation Agreement and our accreditation.

Legal framework

Fost Plus and litter

Fost Plus has taken an active role in the battle against litter for many years. At the beginning of 2016 we, with the support of the Fevia and Comeos sector organisations, signed an agreement with the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels authorities to tackle the problem.

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Fost Plus has built up a solid international reputation over the years thanks to the high recycling percentages that we consistently achieve in our country. We disseminate our expertise via the umbrella organisation EXPRA and make our knowledge and experience available to other countries aiming to implement efficient and sustainable systems.

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More information?

For more information about Fost Plus and our activities, please send an email to

Journalists can contact our press officer, Fatima Boudjaoui.

tel.: +32 2 775 03 50