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Packaging plays an important role in our daily lives. As a driver of the circular economy, Fost Plus strives to find a recycling solution for each form of household packaging on the market. This enables us to keep valuable materials in the chain as secondary raw materials for new packaging or products. We explain why the time is now right to move up a gear in achieving the circular economy for packaging.

Fost Plus announces the construction of three new recycling centres for household packaging waste in Belgium. After the extended plastic packaging collection via the New Blue Bag and the construction of five new sorting centres, Fost Plus now assures Belgian consumers that selectively collected household packaging waste is recycled close to home into secondary raw materials for new products or packaging. 

In the first half of 2021, we will be introducing a new digital platform for our members, MyFost. Apart from providing them with new ways to manage their company data and consult documents, MyFost is first and foremost a new declaration system: more comprehensive, more user-friendly, and completely ready for the rapidly evolving packaging regulations and recycling targets.

Every year, 17,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household packaging comes onto the Belgian market, out of a total of 786,000 tonnes of household packaging put on the market by our members. Specifically to achieve this aim, Fost Plus helps companies to adapt their packaging so that it can be sorted in one of our selective collection flows with a view to being recycled. This is the very principle behind Design4Recycling.