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The crucial role of waste management in the circular economy for packaging

In order to retain as much packaging as possible in the loop of the circular economy for packaging, it is crucial that it be correctly sorted and recycled. At home, this is already the case. By fostering sustainable waste management in the workplace, packaging waste is collected more efficiently there as well. This has meant that Fost Plus was able to collect 2000 extra tonnes of PMD outside the home in 2019.

New Blue Bag boosts the circular economy for packaging

The New Blue Bag was launched in 2019 and allows for many additional packages to be thrown in. The percentage of recycling of household plastic packaging waste is also improving, from 43% to 46%. In addition, the new bag stimulates the local economy through the construction of new modern sorting centers and the creation of new jobs. All advantages!

VIDEO - Four stages of plastic recycling

Packaging plays an essential role in our daily lives: it makes it possible to store food longer or transport it with peace of mind. But did you know that they also contribute to the circular economy? It creates a closed circuit where these raw materials are constantly reused. In this article, you will learn more about plastic recycling.

Join Fost Plus at the World Resources Forum

On 26 February at 3pm, Fost Plus will organize a workshop at the World Resources Forum on the importance of an integrated approach for high quality recycling of plastic packaging waste.

Patrick Laevers succeeds William Vermeir at the head of Fost Plus

The current Managing Director of Fost Plus, William Vermeir, is to retire this year. The new top man will be Patrick Laevers. He is a civil engineer with wide-ranging experience in the environmental sector, including as Managing Director Belgium of Shanks Group and as Group Business Development Director of Renewi. Patrick Laevers is to be proposed as the new Managing Director in May and will take up his duties on 1 June 2018.