Recycling Drinks Cartons

The pulp from drink cartons yields high quality long fibers that can take the place of more expensive primary paper pulp. Drinks cartons are a specific type of packaging composed of cardboard, polyethylene and a thin layer of aluminum. These three components can be separated and recycled.

We are also counting on you to correctly sort drinks cartons. Consult the sorting rules for drinks cartons.


The drinks carton recycling process

  • Drinks cartons are sorted automatically or by hand in a sorting center;

  • Just like waste paper, drinks cartons are submerged in water, allowing the paper fibers to be released from the plastic and aluminum layers;

  • The released cardboard fibers are then further recycled in the same way as regular paper or cardboard; The plastic can be recycled or used as a source of energy for cement ovens, and the aluminum can be recycled for use in other products.


Applications for recycled drinks cartons

The cardboard fibers from drinks cartons can be used in the production of household paper (kitchen roll, paper tissues, and toilet paper), cardboard boxes, paper bags, and envelopes.

Plastics can also be used as a source of energy in the drying process in papermaking. Aluminum can serve as a binding agent in cement or can be recovered as a raw material.