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How we’ll sort waste in 2030 – a glimpse of the future


The circular economy is developing fast. New technologies and possibilities appear every day for keeping more materials in the recycling circuit. Through our partnership with Living Tomorrow, we keep our finger on the pulse and are able to share our latest findings with a wide audience. It also gives us the opportunity to work with other companies and organisations on projects for a sustainable and circular future.


Living Tomorrow is an innovation platform that brings companies and organisations together in an ecosystem to accelerate the pace of innovation. The platform works on a number of specific themes including Smart Mobility, Smart Home, Smart Healthcare and Smart Work. Fost Plus became a partner of Living Tomorrow in 2021.


In September 2023, Living Tomorrow opened a brand-new Innovation Campus in Brussels. Visitors can test and experience new technologies and concepts for themselves there. As they play with the exhibits, they can discover what their lives could look like in 2030.

Fost Plus has developed a smart sorting island for the Innovation Campus that helps consumers sort waste in a setting outside the home. You scan your packaging and the litter bin immediately tells you where you should put it. It’s super-simple for the user, but the technology behind it is quite advanced. For example, the smart bin uses artificial intelligence to recognise the packaging. It’s a perfect example of how technology makes our lives easier, and at the same time more sustainable.

We also offer visitors a look behind the scenes at our five new, advanced PMD sorting centres. These were built specifically to sort the contents of the blue PMD bags into different streams, ready for recycling. Using virtual reality, visitors are immersed in the packaging sorting and recycling process, giving them a better insight into the entire process and introducing them to many new technologies.

Our partnership with Living Tomorrow is not confined to the two installations on the Innovation Campus. Behind the scenes we are also actively involved in various working groups and projects relating to sustainability, innovation and the circular economy. You can be sure we will be keeping up this good work.


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