Tournai makes the Click!


Tournai makes the Click and adopts this innovative project that gives pride of place to public cleanliness

In collaboration with Fost Plus, Tournai is to be the first city in Hainaut to join the Click participatory project as part of the expansion of its public cleanliness plan. The Click rewards the good behaviour of members of the public as regards waste and packaging used out of home with the aim of combating litter. Through this project, all the waste collected in the city centre will be pre-sorted, which makes it possible to extract - and thus recycle - the PMD. .

The Click is an innovative and ambitious project that aims to encourage a change of behaviour as regards waste on the public way. The app is designed to encourage everyone to throw packaging from food and drink on the go, or litter picked up in the streets, into the appropriate bin. The app is easy to use: people simply have to scan the bar code on the waste or take a photo and then throw it in a public bin . This  is rewarded by Circular UCoins, virtual points that can be exchanged at stores and businesses or bodies taking part in the action. The Click will therefore motivate members of the public to adopt the correct behaviour.


The main aim is to bring about an effective and lasting change in behaviour in favour of cleanliness, but we are also stimulating the local economy by involving our stores and businesses in the project.

The required infrastructure has been installed: bins bearing a pink sticker make the project visible in the street. In addition, all the public bins undergo pre-sorting in order to separate the recyclable materials from the residual waste. Pre-sorted PMD waste then follows its usual route in the recycling chain.

The city’s participation in this project enables us to increase the recycling of waste collected in the city centre. Without the Click, this would not have been possible as all the bins would have had to be adapted and the collections doubled. So we seized this opportunity for collaboration enthusiastically.

With more than 500 garbage cans on its territory, Tournai is one of the most committed Walloon municipalities in the fight against litter. Unfortunately, this is not enough and our municipal agents are often helpless in the face of uncivil behavior. The Click app will reinforce our daily action and to relieve the municipal services, I hope so.

The Click has already proved itself as there 39,000 convinced users who have clicked no fewer than 215,000 times, each time putting waste in the right bin. People have really caught on, adopting the right reflexes, and we are very satisfied with the results. This is in line with Fost Plus’s ambition to ensure that all packaging can be recycled.

The communes on the Belgian coast along with Namur, Anderlecht and Antwerp are already participating actively in the project. Various communities have also been created within a number of organisations.