The New Blue Bag on the podium of the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment


The New Blue Bag from Fost Plus wins the Bronze Award at the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment.  

The New Blue Bag from Fost Plus was honoured at the 18th edition of the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment (BBAE) organized by the Belgian Federation of Enterprises. Winner of a Bronze Award, it climbs on the podium together with BC materials (Silver Award), which transforms excavation soil into circular and neutral building materials and the grand winner, Watt4Ever, which gives a second life to electric car batteries.  

Wim Geens, Managing Director at Fost Plus, says: "The New Blue Bag is a catalyst for the circular economy of packaging. By sorting, everyone makes a concrete contribution to a better world."  

 A reward to match the ambitions

Since October 2021, the New Blue Bag is available for all Belgian households and the extension of the sorting message has allowed to sort more packaging materials, which therefore no longer end up in the residual waste. The New Blue Bag thus saves no less than 100,000 tons of CO2 per year.  

 To meet the growing volume associated with this expansion, five new high-tech sorting centres have been built, four of which are already operational. In addition, to complete the circle of the circular economy, new recycling plants are also being built on Belgian soil.  

Fost Plus is grateful for this award and Wim Geens does not hide the fact that Fost Plus' ambitions are to provide a recycling solution for all household packaging by 2025.