The fight against waste in favour of entertainment at the Foire de Liège!


The October Fair in Liège is an unmissable annual event that attracts thousands of visitors. However, during the festivities quite a bit of litter gets left behind on the ground, unfortunately, posing a serious challenge for the city’s clean-up crews. To address this ongoing problem, Fost Plus is proud to partner with the City of Liège to enable visitors to the Fair to use the Click. By throwing their waste into the correct waste bins or by picking up litter, the system will allow participants to earn Circular UCoins (CUC), which they can then exchange for attractions at the Fair. An instant incentive that enables them to enjoy attractions at a discount.

Earning points for eco-responsible action

Every year after the October Fair, tonnes of litter need to be collected in Avroy park and its surroundings. Despite efforts to raise awareness and issue fines, many visitors do not take the trouble to throw their waste into the public bins. This year, the City of Liège decided to change its approach by encouraging citizens to adopt eco-responsible behaviour. Instead of punishing them, it has opted to reward good behaviour.

The Click app developed by Fost Plus enables residents and visitors to scan their waste before throwing it into the public waste bins. Each piece of waste that is correctly disposed of will earn them points that can be exchanged at stands at the Fair. This initiative is not only innovative, but it offers visitors to the Liège October Fair an unprecedented experience.

Developing the Click at the Liège Fair is a fine example of our vision of a future where every action counts. We believe in the power of individual responsibility. Each piece of waste thrown into a bin becomes an opportunity to create unforgettable memories at the Fair, and we are convinced that this type of reward brings about sustainable behaviour.

A first pilot at the October Fair

The City of Liège chose to launch this pilot project during the October Fair, focusing on the public waste bins on the site of the Fair and the surrounding streets. This experiment will serve as a pilot project for a potential expansion to all the events of the city of Liège after the fair. This process is intended to reduce fly tipping and litter, while favouring citizen participation.