Almost 95% of all household packaging waste recycled!


In 2020, we took additional important steps in building a circular economy for household packaging. As such, we remain on track to achieve our ambitious goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the daily activities of just about every sector, both public and private. This was no different for the recycling of household packaging.
Nevertheless, this was also a successful year. Thanks to the flexibility of, and excellent cooperation with all our partners, door-to-door collection was never compromised. What is more, we were able to improve our recycling rates for the fifth year in a row. Thanks to this, we continued to successfully reach important milestones towards the Belgian and European recycling goals.

Halfway through our new accreditation period, we are ready to achieve our ultimate ambition. As a driver of the circular economy, we will not only provide a recycling solution for every packaging item placed on the market, but also put Belgium in pole position to become a European recycling hub.

Discover our results and the projects that made them happen in ourĀ activity report 2020.