A fourth Belgian recycling center for plastic packaging in Neufchâteau


In pursuit of its circular economy goals, Fost Plus has announced the award of a contract to build a fourth recycling center on Belgian territory. The management of this plant, which will be located in the province of Luxembourg, has been entrusted to the Dutch company Morssinkhof Rymoplast Group. The new plant will recycle PET trays and bottles into secondary raw materials, which will largely be used for the production of new trays and bottles.  

This 9-year contract will allow the annual recycling of 10,500 tons of PET trays and 17,000 tons of PET bottles. MOPET Belgium, the new recycling plant to be built in Neufchâteau, will be revolutionary at the European level for the efficient recycling of PET containers on a large scale. Moreover, the majority of the containers will be used for a tray-to-tray application. In addition, MOPET Belgium will recycle transparant clear, transparant blue, transparant colored and opaque PET bottles, a large portion of which will be used to produce new bottles.  

MOPET Belgium, with a total annual capacity of 40,000 tons, will be located in Neufchâteau on the Ardenne Logistics business park of the IDELUX intermunicipal company. When it will start up at the end of 2023, 50 full-time jobs will be created. 

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