A breath of fresh, green air: 5,000 m2 of forest thanks to the Click and the Eneco Clean Beach Cup


Together, we have produced 5,000 m2...

No, this time we are not talking about a huge pile of litter. On the contrary, we have good news for nature! In collaboration with the Eneco Clean Beach Cup and Natuurpunt, on 11 November Fost Plus planted no less than 5,000 m2 of brand new forest.

The Click was at the Eneco Clean Beach Cup on 23 March to reward the participants cleaning up the beaches along the coast. For every 200 Circular UCoins (CUCs) exchanged in the Click app during the Eneco Clean Beach Cup, 1 m2 of new forest was planted in the Lande Rouge nature reserve in collaboration with Natuurpunt. However, this action was not limited to the day itself. People could continue to exchange their CUCs for a forest planted in the Natuurpunt nature reserve until 11 November. As a result, we have reached 5,000 m2 of new forest. Twice the target set of 2,500 m2.

De Click Brugge_2

The power of rewarding

The Click is a Fost Plus reward project with a twofold dynamic: to make litter a thing of the past and to recycle more packaging from out-of-home consumption. A smartphone app allows users to save circular UCoins every time they deal appropriately with their waste from food and drink on the go or pick up litter and throw it into the correct bin. The points they collect by doing this can then be exchanged for rewards with local traders or national partners such as Natuurpunt, as was the case for this action, thus encouraging a lasting switch to sustainable waste management practices. We are proud that we were able to contribute and have an additional impact on nature by planting new trees through this action.

Since its launch, the Click project has seen exponential growth in terms of participation and commitment. From 63,000 users and 377,000 clicks in January 2023, by October 2023 the project had evolved into an impressive community of 92,906 users who had collectively recorded over 1,651,708 clicks. With its growing popularity, the Click project is becoming a social movement that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and large-scale responsible litter prevention.

We are extremely proud to see our community choose to have a positive impact on our planet by preferring to contribute to the growth of our forests rather than focusing on personal benefits. This shows the strength of our partnership with the Eneco Clean Beach Cup and Natuurpunt as well as the incredible commitment of our users to sustainability and nature conservation.