5 reasons to sort PMD in your workplace


We Belgians are very good at sorting our PMD packaging at home. However, when it comes to transferring these good habits outside our homes, we have a little more difficulty. But don’t panic, because Fost Plus is here to help you keep sorting wherever you may be – even at work.

After all, we spend a large part of our day in the workplace, and that means that we consume packaged products there: a salad for lunch, a cereal bar as a snack or even the drinks we have during the day. All this packaging must therefore be sorted correctly to ensure that it is recycled.

If that’s not enough, here are five good reasons for sorting PMD at work.


1. Sorting is an obligation

That’s right, sorting (plastic) packaging has been a legal obligation for several years, so using the right bag or bin at work means complying with the law. By opting for a more sustainable future and an environmentally responsible approach, you will meet your obligations and at the same time give a lasting boost to the company for which you work. You will also be improving its image.


2. A welcome bonus will put you on the right track

Need a hand with taking the step towards sorting at work? Companies that introduce sorting at work are eligible for a 75-euro bonus.


So how exactly do you obtain it?

  1. Contact a Fost Plus-affiliated PMD collector. Note: changing PMD collector is not enough to obtain the bonus.
  2. Conclude a contract for the collection of PMD in your company.
  3. Your partner will help you to obtain the bonus.


3. It’s easier than ever

Since 1 April 2021, the PMD sorting rules have been more extensive. You can now sort almost all plastic packaging as PMD just like at home. 


4. It’s quick to get started

With lots of tips and a free starter pack, it’s easy to introduce PMD sorting at work. The pack contains stickers for bins, awareness-raising posters and the sorting instructions, so you can start sorting in your workplace immediately.

Want more information and access to the free guide? Nothing could be easier: click here.


5. You will be personally participating in the construction of a circular economy

Sorting correctly ensures that packaging no longer ends up in residual waste, but is given a new lease of life as a valuable secondary raw material. By sorting packaging waste, you and your company will therefore be contributing to a healthier planet.

Did you know that most packaging in Belgium is recycled? That’s right, glass, paper-cardboard, plastic and metal have been recycled for many years. In fact, glass and metal are infinitely recyclable.

Here are some examples of this reusability or ‘circularity’ of materials to illustrate our point:

  • Aluminium can be used to make new drinks cans, trays for ready meals or even car parts.
  • With steel from cans, new razor blades, cans or even coffee machines can be created.
  • Drinks bottles can be used to make new bottles.