What’s learnt in the cradle lasts to the grave

It’s never too early to start dealing sustainably with waste. So why not at school? Good sorting is the perfect place to start, because this is the easiest way to make a good contribution to a more sustainable society. What’s more, children and pupils take the good habits they have learnt at school home with them.

Fost Plus helps your school sort successfully

Fost Plus has developed a wide range of services for schools. With our educational workshops and lesson packages, we make pupils aware of the importance of good sorting and a sustainable approach to waste. We have a range suited to various age groups and in line with broader teaching goals. In addition, via the intermunicipal companies for household waste we also offer schools free rubbish bins for paper-cardboard and PMD as well as a range of communication material.


Discover our range

Fost Plus offers schools in Flanders and Wallonia a wide range of support services.


More information about the range for schools in the Flemish Region (only available in Dutch)

More information about the range for schools in the Walloon Region (only available in French)

Request your free sorting material

Via your municipality or the intermunicipal company for household waste, you can request free sorting material for your school, such as paper crates and PMD containers. The material is provided by Fost Plus. You can also order free communication material, including stickers for rubbish bins and posters to raise awareness. Take a look at the overview below.

Waste bins

conteneurs pmc papiers cartons ecole

The following waste bins are available for every school:

  • 30-litre paper-cardboard crates
  • 120-litre PMD containers
  • 1,100-litre paper-cardboard containers
  • 1,100-litre PMD containers


containers afval school


Different types of printing:

  • Stickers for the rubbish bins: PMD, paper-cardboard and residual waste
  • General awareness poster on sorting
  • Posters on sorting PMD and paper-cardboard
  • Awareness kit for the maintenance staff at your school


You can request the waste bins and the communication material via the the intermunicipal companies for household waste linked to your municipality.
Not sure which intermunicipal company for household waste covers your school? You can find out here!

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