30 years Fost Plus

La Sucrerie, Waver 

Fost Plus will celebrate its 30th year of operations in 2024. We will obviously not let this go unnoticed. During the second edition of our 'Mind the Circularity Gap' event, we will look back at milestones and projects that have helped close the circularity gap. By means of inspiring cases, we will highlight the partners in our ecosystem. Based on the great results we have achieved together, we will look ahead to the future. 

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From the circularity gap to sustainable materials and resource management

Raw materials and resources are finite. Human inventiveness, fortunately, is not. Together with our partners, we are moving from finite to infinite. From sorting and recycling to keeping raw materials and materials in the chain through sustainable packaging management. This transformation requires cooperation. That is why we bring everyone around the table. Everyone needs to join in and we are helping to get the circular shift in the minds and hearts of people. 


  • 16:00  welcome
  • 16:30  start of plenary session
    • part I Building a local circular economy and the role of citizen
    • part II Sustainable materials management, beyond recycling
    • closing Q&A with Wim Geens, Managing Director and Jan Vander Stichele, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 18:00  standing buffet and networking 

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