30 years Fost Plus

On 4 June 2024, Fost Plus celebrated its 30th anniversary. An event we wanted to celebrate in style! During the event, we highlighted the decisive steps and inspiring projects that have helped to close the circularity gap . 

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to everyone who attended. Your presence and commitment contributed to the success of this event and demonstrated, once again, that collaboration is the key to the transition to a circular economy.  

Key take-aways

 Sorting, recycling and the role of the citizen 

  • In 2023, 97% of single-use packaging in Belgium has been recycled. This puts Belgium at the head of the European pack and is something we can be proud of. While there was less packaging on the market, the collection rate increased. Each citizen sorted around 2 kg more PMD, i.e. 1 more blue bag per person over the year. Clearly, it is still important to get the public involved and set up systems that enable them to play their part to the full. No sorting, no recycling. Recycling is happening more and more in Belgium. Especially for plastics, the local recycling rate is rising. This local anchoring serves to reduce the ecological footprint and strengthen the local economic fabric, for example by making quality recycled materials available locally. 

Design4Recycling and prevention 

  • What wasn't recyclable yesterday may be tomorrow. The message is to keep innovating. The commitment to prevention and awareness-raising is also important in this story. Several companies have already eliminated non-recyclable packaging from their range, and alternatives exist.  


  • It is important to have a match between needs and services and cooperation within the ecosystem. A product, its packaging and the context in which it is consumed are intimately linked. The choice of packaging is driven by the needs of the consumer, who favours taste and convenience. This observation provides companies with the key to reviewing their entire packaging system.  Clearly, waste management is a social and societal role that concerns us all. We need to get the whole ecosystem working to complete the cycle so that we can leave a better world for our children. 

A big thank you also to our panel, whom we had the pleasure of listening to, who shared their experiences and common successes in the sustainable management of household packaging. The discussions were rich and constructive, offering new perspectives for achieving our future objectives: Mik Van Gaever (COO), Shanna Cloet (IT Manager), Koen De Maesschalck (Corporate Affairs & Communication at Colruyt), Vincent Vandepitte (Government Relations and Public Policy at Procter&Gamble), Steven Boussemaere (Director Innovation en Business Development), Philippe Gendebien (Business Development Manager), An Vermeulen (Country Director Belux at Coca-Cola) and of course Wim Geens (CEO), as well as Jan Vander Stitchele (Chairman of the Board).