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Welcome to the log-in page for your online declaration. Please select your application below: FostPack for the declaration of household packaging with Fost Plus, or ePack for the combined declaration of household packaging (Fost Plus) and industrial packaging (VAL-I-PAC).

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Declaration for Fost Plus (household packaging only).

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Combined declaration for Fost Plus (household packaging) and VAL-I-PAC (industrial packaging).

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User management

Add or remove users, attribute rights and adjust settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username/password. How can I recover them?

Password forgotten

In the login screen, you can click on 'Reset password' at the bottom of the pop-up
After filling in the requested information, you'll receive a link by email to create your new password.

Username forgotten

First click in the login screen on 'Reset password' at the bottom of the pop-up. You then have the option to continue clicking on 'username forgotten'. Fill in all requested information. You will receive your username by email.

Do I choose FostPack or ePack?

Please be aware that the choice that you make is extremely important. In fact, the choice you make is final. It will not be possible to switch to another application at a later stage.

With FostPack, all Fost Plus members can submit an online declaration. Every declaration system that fits the member’s needs will be available in FostPack. This implies that FostPack will also offer the possibility to use a simplified declaration system form if your company meets the requirements.

With ePack, members of both Fost Plus and VAL-I-PAC can submit a joint detailed declaration for both organisations. The only declaration possible will be the detailed declaration based upon packaging sheets.

What does a registration as a Responsible person in charge mean?

One single person only can register as the Responsible person in charge. As soon as the Responsible’s request has been validated by Fost Plus, he or she will carry the following responsibilities:

  • The Responsible person in charge can create and manage users. He or she will also define to what other contracts (= membership numbers,…) the users have access to and what their rights will be
  • The Responsible person in charge is responsible to modify the user data should a change have occurred in a company related matter. 
  • The Responsible person in charge is responsible for blocking a registered user should the latter no longer have access to certain data as a consequence of company related changes.
  •  ...

It is important to read attentively the 'Criteria for the use of an online declaration' in order to have all necessary information with regards to the responsibilities of the registered user.

Download the 'Criteria for the use of the online declaration':

Dutch version (pdf)

French version (pdf)

What are the new features?

Mandates and weights can be uploaded via Excel or XML

On the screens ‘service packaging mandates From’ and ‘service packaging mandates To’ you can upload the companies that have received or given a mandate via Excel or XML, both in the menu and during the declaration.

You can also upload the weights for the existing mandates while creating the declaration.

You can find the manual and an example in the application by clicking on the buttons ‘Import mandates’ or ‘Import weights for mandates’.

In the menu ‘packaging sheet management’ you can, in first instance, only see the valid packaging sheets. In the menu ‘packaging sheet management’ you will see the valid packaging sheets first.

In the ‘Packaging sheet management’ a search result of ‘valid packaging sheets’ is active for the current  year.

If you want to see all the packaging sheets, the closed ones included, you have to click on the button ‘show all sheets’.

Adjust the product family in a new packaging sheet.

You can change the product family in a packaging sheet as long as it is not linked to a confirmed declaration.

From now on, some reports show the tariffs of the current year + 1 (as soon as the tariffs are available).

As soon as they are available, you can consult the new tariffs of the current year + 1 in the following reports:

  • In the menu : ‘reports’ – ‘detailed declaration’: overview with quantities and contribution.
  • In the menu ‘packaging sheet management’ – ‘overview details packaging sheets’ (on selection or after search).
Re-usable packaging

You can only link the weights of re-usable packaging to the specific product family with only re-usable packaging (B10, B20, B30, B40, B50, B60, B70). This reduces the risk of errors.


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