Sorting PMD in the workplace? Just like at home...


The collection of household PMD in the workplace follows the same sorting rules as those at home.

A uniform system, a clear message

The same rules for sorting PMD apply throughout the entire country, whether at home or in the workplace. The extension of the sorting rules has made it possible to standardise the message and to simplify it, since it is the same for everyone. At home, like at work, bottles, cans, yoghurt pots and the empty salad bowls all go to the PMD.
The sorting of PMD at work is mandatory, and the standardisation of the message about the sorting of household packaging makes it easy for everyone to take the next step towards an efficient sorting at their workplace, thus confirming the 96% Belgians who say they are already sorting their waste optimally at home (*).

Sustained efforts and a welcome bonus

For several years now, an awareness campaign has been held annually to make companies and the workplace aware of this sorting obligation. This year, once again, Fost Plus wishes to involve businesses in achieving ambitious recycling objectives.

Our aim is to recycle PMD both from home and from out of home, and the workplace is an important source. By involving businesses in a process of responsible sorting, we limit the impact of packaging waste on the environment and move towards our objectives of doubling the collection of PMD outside the home between 2018 and 2023.

Every business that launches these new habits of sorting PMD through an affiliate waste operator will be rewarded with a welcome bonus. A starter kit and supporting materials are also made available free of charge at the Fost Plus Sortstore, in order to identify the sorting islands, for example, or to spell out the sorting rules. By meeting this obligation and introducing appropriate rules in the workplace, businesses become part of the circular economy.
And these rules also apply everywhere, once you leave home, whether that be at the railway station, the football stadium or the theme park, for example!

For industrial plastics, it’s Valipac!

Alongside the sorting and recycling of household packaging waste, which is managed by Fost Plus, all industrial packaging waste is handled by Valipac. This applies to plastic bags and plastic wrap on pallets, for example. These are collected separately, as they do not belong to the PMD fraction, but will also be recycled.

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 * Survey by Fost Plus, March 2022