Recycling all packaging. Let’s go for it


Fost Plus is launching a major national awareness campaign on recycling.

Household packaging sorting is here to stay. It’s become a habit for Belgian households. In fact, New Blue Bag has clearly demonstrated its effectiveness. No less than 8 kg of additional PMD are collected per inhabitant per year. Citizens are making a difference thanks to their sorting efforts. However, questions remain about after collection: what happens to our household waste once it has passed through one of Belgium's five sorting centres? This large-scale awareness campaign, on television, radio and social media, will clarify matters a little.

Belgium in European pole position

In 2020, Fost Plus recycled almost 95% of household packaging waste, including 51% of plastic packaging. Now that construction of new recycling centres is underway in Belgium, materials are more recycled here. The secondary raw materials thus return to the consumption cycle and the circular economy loop is completed.

Recycling all packaging, the ambition of Fost Plus

Fost Plus' mission is to ensure the recycling of all household packaging that is put on the market. With this large-scale campaign, Fost Plus is setting the tone and demonstrating the role that everyone plays in it.
Fost Plus also works closely with producers to increase the recyclability of their packaging. Obstructive and non-recyclable packagings must all be eliminated eventually. At the same time, Fost Plus is also investing heavily in new sorting and recycling technologies to recover as much packaging as possible.

Watch out for the spots that are to be broadcast on television and the social networks, all year long, and go to

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