The Green Dot rates – what, why and how?


The Green Dot rates are the basis of the contribution paid by our members for the services we provide. How are the rates calculated? What are the basic principles? What developments do they undergo? And how will they evolve in the future? We summarised it in one convenient document, which answers all these questions, and more.

Companies that put packaging on the Belgian market are subject to a number of legal obligations. The so-called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) was introduced in the 1990s and obliges companies to contribute towards funding the collection, recycling and processing of their packaging waste.

To calculate that contribution, we use the so-called Green Dot rates. Each packaging material is assigned a specific rate, based on the effective costs incurred by Fost Plus to organise collection, sorting and recycling. In this way, we ensure that every company contributes to the system correctly and encourage sustainable recycling of household packaging in our country.

All about the Green Dot rates in one convenient document!