The Green Dot, boosting the circular economy

New Green Dot rates for 2023


The Green Dot rates allow Fost Plus members to assume their responsibility by bearing the costs of the collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging that they put on the market. Thanks to this transparent and effective system, the cost of the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging remains stable, at EUR 15 per person for consumers. The new 2023 rates are on line. But what does this mean?

These Green Dot rates are adjusted every year on the basis of the actual packaging collection, sorting and recycling costs. The revenue that Fost Plus receives from the sale of materials is also taken into account in the calculation.

We would therefore like to explain the reasons for these changes to the rates for 2023 and the impact this will have.


Why do the Green Dot rates change?

Everyone in Belgium now uses the New Blue Bag. This progress allows Fost Plus to collect and recycle more packaging than ever before. Four of our five new sorting centres are now operating at full capacity and five new recycling plants are under development in Belgium.

The smooth running of this system means that we are able to better identify the real costs of collecting, sorting and recycling the various materials in the New Blue Bag. The Green Dot rates are therefore constantly evolving to better represent the actual situation on the ground and thus the real costs of the materials.

These rates are, of course, affected by external factors which, in this case, balance one another out. For example, the rise in energy prices affects the cost of collecting, transporting and processing the materials. However, given the increase in the value of certain materials, revenue from sales is growing. These two factors therefore balance one another out so that the total cost for our members is to remain virtually stable from 2022 to 2023.


The Green Dot rate as an incentive to boost a circular economy

The Green Dot rate aims to encourage the use of packaging that is compatible with the recycling chain. Consequently, higher rates and/or rates that serve as a deterrent will apply for materials that are difficult to recycle or that disrupt the sorting or recycling processes. This therefore serves as a financial incentive for companies. The Green Dot rate encourages them to continue striving towards the goal of only marketing packaging for which there is a recycling solution by 2025.

The added value of these new rates therefore lies in the fact that they motivate companies to improve their packaging design process so as to make this packaging easier to recycle. So these rates act as a major incentive in the creation of a circular economy.


Discover the new Green Dot rates here.