Case study

Frosch - A Revolutionary Spray Head


In the area of household cleaning products, one challenge persists: trigger spray bottles contain a metal spring that makes full product recycling hard to achieve. Frosch has worked with Berry Global to develop an innovative spray head that only contains plastic for its household cleaning products.

Technical innovation

The spray nozzle designed in conjunction with Berry Global is a major step forward in terms of sustainability. It is made from over 97% polypropylene (PP), eliminating the metal parts that complicate the recycling process. Producing an effective nozzle generally involves coordinating numerous parts made of different materials, which makes this innovation even more impressive.

Sustainable features

The nozzle includes 29% post-consumer recycled plastic and is 18% lighter than current market standards – a strong waste prevention benefit. As Frosch offers a home refill system with a flexible pouch, the trigger is designed to last for at least 5,000 uses, equivalent to more than 11 refills of the bottle.

The Frosch spray nozzle now fully meets the three pillars of the circular economy:

  • Plastic reduction: use of lighter materials and recycled plastic
  • Reusable bottle: thanks to the durability of the trigger and the refill system
  • Complete recyclability: single-material design makes it easy to recycle the entire nozzle.
Trigger Frosch

Towards 100% recycled bottles

Their PET bottles already contained 50% recycled plastic in 2009, and this had risen to 100% by 2016. Frosch’s next ambition is to use 100% recycled plastic in all its bottle components (caps, triggers, etc.) across its entire range within the next few years.

Watch this video for an example: