Fost Plus re-accredited as body of household packaging waste


In a decisive step towards more responsible waste management, Fost Plus has been re-accredited as the body responsible for household packaging waste in Belgium for the next five years. This news marks the start of Fost Plus’s 30th year of activity, during which the organisation aims to focus on new collection methods and action plans for sustainable packaging.

During the period 2024-2028, Fost Plus is to increase its efforts to strengthen and expand selective collection so as to make sorting easy for members of the public at all times, wherever they are. Working closely with its industrial partners, Fost Plus is committed to developing action plans and a strategic vision aimed at reducing packaging, giving preference to reusable alternatives and promoting packaging that is easier to recycle.

Over the next five years, we will be taking on our social role in full. Better packaging design, ever more innovative collection methods, reducing packaging, etc. – all these initiatives help us achieve our end goal: to contribute towards a sustainable society and a cleaner environment for everyone.

Efficient recycling ensures that the impact of packaging waste on the environment is limited by converting it into secondary raw materials for new products or packaging. Backed up by its 30 years of experience, Fost Plus is committed to continuing to fulfil this crucial role, adopting an approach focusing on collaboration and innovation.

Convenience for the public first and foremost

Fost Plus’s wish to make waste sorting and collection more accessible is reflected in its new accreditation. The initiatives planned include reinforcing door-to-door collection, optimising customised collection services in urban and tourist areas and increasing out-of-home selective collection, such as sports clubs, hospitality venues or train and bus stations. 

More than recycling

Over the next five years, Fost Plus is to play a greater role in sustainable packaging management by drawing up three specific action plans together with the companies for prevention, reuse and ecodesign. These action plans may, for example, include: a benchmark per sector for prevention measures, packaging diagnoses, measures to increase awareness among the general public of alternatives to single-use packaging or the organisation of upscalable pilot projects to test operational solutions for reusable packaging on the ground. 

A role in tackling litter on the ground

In addition to the steps it is taking to improve packaging waste management, Fost Plus is to play a more active role in the fight against litter In this context, contracts will be concluded between the industry and the many local authorities to boost the fight against litter. The new Interregional Cooperation Agreement for litter is being drafted for this purpose and will define the operating framework.

To sum up, Fost Plus is determined to expand its role in the responsible management of materials and resources. This approach, focusing on innovation and collaboration, meets the expectations of the general public, civil society and political decision makers as regards protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future.