FILAO: Belgium’s First Bottle-To-Bottle Integrated PET Recycling Plant Opens


The future of the circularity of plastic materials in Belgium has reached a decisive turning point with the official inauguration of FILAO, the country’s first integrated PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycling plant. Thanks to this collaboration between Sources ALMA, one of Europe's main producers of spring water and natural mineral water, Veolia, world leader in environmental services, and Fost Plus, we close the recycling loop.

From bottle to bottle

FILAO, located in Charleroi, is a state-of-the-art plant with an impressive annual recycling capacity of 40,000 tonnes of PET. This represents approximately 70% of the clear transparent and blue transparent PET bottles retrieved in Belgium via the blue bag. 

This project involves far more than simply a recycling plant. It embodies the circular economy. The PET bottles collected throughout the country are sorted in Belgium and converted into r-PET or recycled PET at FILAO. Sources ALMA again produces bottles with the r-PET, specifically for the Belgian market. From now on, these new bottles will contain more recycled material than the level required by Europe (25% in 2025, 30% in 2030).

Filao buzzer
Filao intérieur

Fost Plus’s commitment to the growing local circular economy

Fost Plus is delighted with this example of a local circular economy. FILAO offers a cutting-edge solution for bottle-to-bottle recycling, thereby helping to reduce the environmental impact while creating direct and indirect jobs in the region.

FILAO is one of five new Belgian facilities to recycle plastic materials from the blue bag. The new PET recycling plant in Neufchâteau (under construction) will also recycle PET bottles, in addition to more complex PET packaging such as trays and opaque bottles.