European Commission Proposes Revision of Packaging and Packaging Waste Legislation


On 30 November, the European Commission published an update to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD). One of the most important and impactful changes is that the directive will be upgraded to a regulation, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). A directive gives member states freedom to transpose it in their own way in their national legislation. A regulation, on the other hand, takes direct effect in all EU member states. By doing so, the Commission aims to further harmonise packaging and packaging waste management in the EU.

The proposed revision of EU legislation on packaging and packaging waste has three main objectives.

  1. First, the proposal aims to prevent the generation of packaging waste by reducing its quantity, limiting unnecessary packaging and promoting reusable and refillable packaging solutions. This will include standards for maximum allowed empty space in packaging for e-commerce and strict targets for reuse in certain sectors such as catering.
  2. Secondly, it aims to encourage high-quality recycling by ensuring that all packaging on the EU market is recyclable in an economically viable way by 2030. To this end, packaging design criteria will be imposed.
  3. Finally, it aims to create a well-functioning secondary raw materials market by increasing the use of recycled plastics in packaging by imposing binding targets. This will also help reduce the need for primary raw materials.

The proposed regulation is currently being assessed by the European Council and the European Parliament and is not expected to enter into force until the end of 2024.

Belgian companies are making great strides every year to make packaging increasingly recyclable and increase their collection rates. The proposal still requires additional explanation and clarification but is in line with Fost Plus' philosophy of taking on a more important social role. Fost Plus is closely following the evolution of this case.


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