The Click project now covers the whole of Namur


The Click project, which was launched on 1 September 2021, is a fun wayto keep our surroundings clean and tidy by rewarding good behaviour. This project now covers the whole of the Walloon Capital. 

Namur was selected as the first pilot-city in Wallonia for the implementation of the Click project set up by Fost Plus. Initially, waste could only be ‘clicked’ in the city centre. However, given the project’s success over the past few months, from now on it will be possible to scan rubbish throughout the area covered by the City of Namur, including the countryside and the suburbs. 

Concrete results 

In addition to the improvement in public cleanliness brought about in Namur thanks to the Click, this collaboration between the City of Namur and Fost Plus has led to the recycling of more packaging from consumption on the go. Since 1 September, all the waste from public rubbish bins in the Namur city centre has been sent to a pre-sorting facility. This means that all PMD, household packaging material, is separated from the residual waste and therefore actually recycled. So it is not incinerated, a step which was unfortunately inevitable before the project was set up. Analysis has shown that a quarter of the contents of street rubbish bins consists of recyclable materials. Since the project began, no fewer than 25 tonnes of PMD have been collected, sorted and recycled from public rubbish bins. A real plus for the environment! 

What’s more, the Click is part of a positive dynamic for the local economy, as around sixty local traders have joined the Click project and offer vouchers to Click users. 

More than 6.000 Clicks have already been recorded for the city centre. 

Extension expected 

There was  an active demand on the part of users to extend the Click to the entire Namur area. Now, it’s a done deal. 


Wim Geens, Managing Director of Fost Plus, stresses that “the extension of the area where the Click can be used in Namur meets a real demand on the ground and we are delighted. It’s a sign of a change in behaviour.”

The message will be all the simpler: in Namur, we can now ‘click throughout the city’, including in the suburbs (Wépion, Vedrin, Cognelée, etc.) and in tourist areas such as the Citadel, for example.