The Click comes to two new Walloon towns


Wavre and Eghezée are joining the Click, the innovative Fost Plus project that aims to combat litter with a reward system. From now on, anyone who scans their own waste or picks up litter and puts it in the correct bin will be rewarded with virtual points that can be exchanged at bodies taking part in the action. The Click will therefore motivate members of the public to adopt the correct behaviour.


On the 18th of November, the Click was officially launched in Éghezée – a particularly significant date as it happens to be Sustainable Development Day. To celebrate the day, numerous stands linked to the theme of sustainable development were set up. With around 1,000 visitors being welcomed during the day, the event was a great success that enabled the town’s inhabitants to discover The Click.

In addition, a Click team is working hard to inform local merchants about the app, in order to encourage them to participate in the rewards programme and thus promote the adoption of responsible litter practices.


The town of Wavre has integrated the Click into its overall approach to combating litter. On the occasion of European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) and in order to inaugurate the Click in the town centre, the Wavre Eco Team invited all municipal staff to participate in a lightning-fast clean-up operation in public spaces in collaboration with BeWapp, in order to set a good example for the town’s residents.


With the Click, we’re seeking to raise everyone’s awareness of the value of waste, particularly through recycling. Our goal is to ensure that all packaging can be recycled, but the first step towards achieving this is proper collection. The Click reward system means we can encourage everyone to take action by disposing of their own packaging responsibly and helping to pick up litter

Many other towns, cities and municipalities, businesses and organisations have already joined the Click project. People can Click all over Belgium. On 13 November 2023, the Click had 93,120 users, representing a total of 1,669,521 Clicks or pieces of rubbish that found their way into the correct bin.