Recyle better

For most of us, sorting waste at home has become a habit. We are also making progress in the way we sort our waste outside the home. This is important, since by correctly sorting waste at all times, every individual can improve the recycling process and the usefulness of the recycled materials. And that of course makes a big difference to the environment.

Think of the future, keep on sorting

Remember: by sorting and recycling waste efficiently, you help build a better future. Sorting waste correctly is crucial to our well-being and that of our planet. And we all share that responsibility. For ourselves, and even more so for the generations who follow. The future doesn’t belong to us alone, but more importantly to our children and grandchildren.

Sorting correctly saves raw materials

Raw materials are becoming scarcer and some will inevitably run out, so the more packaging we can recycle, the fewer materials go to waste. We will also help make sure that future generations can enjoy what our planet has to offer.

Sorting correctly saves energy

Materials recycling is almost always better for the environment than exploiting new raw materials. Recycling saves enormous amounts of energy, avoids the emission of harmful substances, fights global warming and improves air quality.


What can you do?

  • Consume consciously. Overconsumption is very damaging to the environment. Producing less waste is the first step in the right direction, and your choices are part of the solution. Buy only what is really necessary and preferably choose sustainable materials;

  • Sort as much as possible. The more packaging you recycle, the fewer materials go to waste;

  • Sort correctly. The better we sort, the better the quality of the recycled materials will be.  Consult the sorting rules for PMDglass and paper-cardboard.

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