The Museum of Walloon Life inaugurates an exhibition on waste


At the end of January 2023, the Museum of Walloon Life in Liège opened its exhibition ORDURES (Rubbish). An opportunity to take stock of our waste and its life, before and after we have got rid of it. The exhibition is intended to be informative and aims to increase awareness among the general public of the concept of ‘waste’ in order to understand its nature, the danger it poses, the way it is processed and the impact it has. Fost Plus has collaborated with the museum to provide information about the household packaging collection and sorting process in Belgium.


Exhibition content

These days, discarding has become a powerful act with multiple repercussions, giving rise to the collection, sorting, recycling and burning for landfill of waste. Members of the public are becoming increasingly aware of the need to do more to reduce the volume of this waste. Examples of this include expeditions organised to pick up waste in the countryside and the zero waste gesture: instead of using makeup remover pads that will be thrown away and then burned, many people now use fabric cloths.
The exhibition scenography is very well designed, taking us through the different worlds linked to the life cycle of our waste: discarding, sorting, recycling, burying, collecting, repairing, reusing, re-employing, etc. In each space dedicated to a specific world, we find out more about this aspect. The visit is designed to be fun and interactive, creating a very pleasant experience.

We are invited to take stock of our situation and to think more about our own consumption.


Collaboration with Fost Plus

As the driving force behind the recycling of household packaging in Belgium, it was important for Fost Plus to work with the Museum of Walloon Life. One of Fost Plus’ missions is to increase awareness among the general public of sorting, recycling and, in broader terms, a more circular economy.
So we were able to provide numerical data on the recycling of household packaging in Belgium. For example, the fact that 89.9% of the packaging put on the market by Fost Plus members was recycled in 2021, or that 80% of this packaging is recycled right here in Belgium!
This fun-filled exhibition also provides an amusing way to raise awareness. It includes games to spot sorting errors in our different waste bins or learn what the pictograms on our packaging mean.

In addition to the collaboration with Fost Plus, the exhibition turns the spotlight on other partners, such as BeWaPP for picking up litter and Intradel for the collection of household packaging.


If you would like to find out more about the various worlds linked to waste, we encourage you to go and see this exhibition, open to young and old alike. More information here.