The Click by Fost Plus reaches the milestone of one million litter avoided


The Click, Fost Plus’ rewards-based project to prevent litter, has successfully reached a significant milestone of one million clicks or rubbish avoided. This achievement highlights the remarkable impact of positive reinforcement in promoting responsible waste disposal and marks a significant step in the fight against littering.

The Click, initiated by Fost Plus, actively engages the general public in the battle against littering by rewarding them for responsible behaviour. Through a smartphone application, users earn Circular UCoins every time they correctly dispose of their on-the-go consumption waste or litter picked up from designated bins. These accumulated points can then be exchanged for rewards with local merchants or national partners, encouraging a lasting shift towards sustainable waste management practices.

Since its launch, the Click project has experienced exponential growth in terms of participation and engagement. With 63,000 users and 377,000 clicks in January 2023, the project has expanded to an impressive community of 80,771 users who have collectively recorded over one million clicks in June 2023.

Every click counts towards a cleaner future, and we are thrilled to announce that the Click project has achieved an incredible milestone: one million pieces of litter avoided. This milestone showcases the tremendous success and real impact of positive reinforcement in our fight against littering. The exponential growth we have seen in user participation, from 15,000 users (in 2022) to a vibrant community of 80,721, demonstrates that people are embracing the Click as a catalyst for change. We express our deep gratitude to our Click users, whose active participation and commitment to sustainable practices have propelled us to this remarkable milestone.

With its growing popularity, the Click is evolving into a social movement that encourages widespread adoption of sustainable lifestyles and responsible litter prevention.

The playful aspect of the Click engages everyone by making sustainable behaviours enjoyable and rewarding. This approach aligns with the broader litter prevention strategy of Fevia, Comeos, and Fost Plus, which focuses on five pillars, including reward systems, to ensure efficient recycling of all packaging, particularly those from on-the-go consumption, and to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. This approach builds upon the success of the blue bag and incorporates preventive measures through new business models promoting reusable packaging, innovative systems for selective collection of beverage packaging, and coordinated efforts for litter prevention in the field.

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