Case study

Bon’Ap is fully on board with sorting waste


Bon’Ap is a meals store that is part of the Meat&More group. As well as meat, they offer ready meals, handy packed frozen goods and various fast lunch solutions. They have around forty outlets in Flanders, along with lunch corners and terraces where people can eat on the premises. 

The branches have recently come fully on board with sorting waste. A brief explanation... 


Out-of-home waste and consumer awareness 

At Bon’Ap there are two different zones dedicated to efficient sorting, set up in cooperation with the teams from Fost Plus on their recommendations. 

Firstly, the waste is selectively sorted in the kitchen, once the ‘traiteur’ meals have been prepared. The PMD is collected separately so that it can then be recycled. 

Secondly, the chain has set up an in-store consumer awareness campaign to encourage sorting. In the stores, at the lunch corners and on the terraces, everything has been set out to make it easier for people who eat on the premises or take meals home to sort their waste and separate the PMD from the residual waste. The packaging (salad bowls, etc.) has also been adapted to fulfil the sorting rules better. 

Stickers and awareness posters have been put up in both zones to ensure correct sorting and involve everyone, staff and consumers alike. 


An example to follow 

The required infrastructure has been installed – or will be coming soon – to allow successful sorting. 

In short: Bon’Ap has made great efforts to change its sorting habits so that consumers can benefit from this. A fine example for the hospitality sector.