Video - Three new recycling centres in Belgium

Video - Three new recycling centres in Belgium

Fost Plus announces the construction of three new recycling centres for household packaging waste in Belgium. After the extended plastic packaging collection via the New Blue Bag and the construction of five new sorting centres, Fost Plus now assures Belgian consumers that selectively collected household packaging waste is recycled close to home into secondary raw materials for new products or packaging. 

The three new recycling centers for plastic household packaging waste built on Belgian soil are the final link in the creation of a local circular packaging economy. They involve an injection of 700 million euros into the circular economy over the coming years.

The Belgian industry has committed itself to ambitious goals, which go one step further than what is foreseen in the European Circular Economy Package. In Belgium, for example, we want 65% of plastic household packaging to be recycled by 2023. In 2019 we already reached 46% and by 2020 50% is within reach - a figure that Europe will only set before 2025. The new recycling centers, in which new plastic packaging types from the New Blue Bag such as bags, foils and trays are recycled, play a key role in the realization of those objectives. So when packaging is needed, there is a recycling solution. In addition, in 2025 PET beverage packaging on the Belgian market will consist of at least 50% r-PET. Europe is imposing 25% for the same period. Fost Plus is also meeting this objective with the new bottle-to-bottle recycling plant for PET bottles.

PET bottle-to-bottle recycling

The new PET recycling plant in Couillet near Charleroi recycles PET bottles that are collected in Belgium into r-PET for the Belgian market. This contract was won by a consortium of Suez and Alma. The bottles of Sources Alma on the Belgian market will therefore consist of Belgian r-PET.

  • Partners: Sources Alma x Suez
  • Location: Couillet
  • Capacity: 40.000 tons per year 

PE film to PE film recycling: a new recycling chain of unseen proportions 

Post-consumer PE films such as the wrapping around a multipack will be recycled in a brand new recycling center in Beringen. The scope of the film-to-film recycling of the PE fraction is unique
Europe. This is a completely new chain that is being built from scratch. Fost Plus can guarantee over the term of the contract a constant supply of quality sorted material thanks to its collaboration with high-tech sorting centers.

  • Partners: Bionerga x ECO-oh!
  • Location: Beringen
  • Capacity: up to 42.000 tons per year 

The recycling of the mixed fraction as missing link for a true circular packaging economy 

Recycling the mixed polyolefins and other films is the last link in the circular chain. When sorting out to mono-streams, you need a residual fraction that collects the material that does not meet the
high quality requirements for the mono-streams. By developing a recycling chain for this fraction and processing it into granulate for industrial applications, we complete the circle.

  • Partners: ECO-oh!
  • Location: Houthalen-Helchteren
  • Capacity: 35.000 tons per year

The three new recycling centers are giving a clear impulse to the local circular economy by making high-quality recycled content locally available. In addition, we are bringing the recycling from our neighboring countries back to Belgium. In this way, we create a hundred direct jobs and at least twice as many indirect jobs. The three recycling centers will be operational in 2022.

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