All packaging counts

We are increasingly living and consuming on the go. This not only has a huge impact on our consumption patterns, but also unfortunately on our living environment and public cleanliness. But together, we can do a lot to prevent packaging being lost in the residual waste or – worse still – ending up as litter.


Sorting, all the time, wherever you are

Fost Plus makes it as easy as possible for everyone to sort all the time, wherever they are. Including on the go: during a stop in a filling station, at the airport, bus stop or train station. Or just when we are roaming around in the countryside or the city. Because admit it, it would be a shame if packaging that we are perfectly able to recycle were to be lost, wouldn’t it?

sorteren ooh

They set a good example!

Public cleanliness – we make the mental ‘Click’ together

With the Click, Fost Plus is counting on the active participation of the general public in the fight against litter. By rewarding them for their good behaviour, we aim to make them ‘click’ about not throwing or leaving rubbish on the ground. The concept is simple: every time they throw packaging or another item of waste in the (correct) rubbish bin, they can scan this via an app on their smartphone. By doing so, they collect points – the so-called Circular UCoins – which they can then exchange at local merchants.

In the summer of 2020, De Haan was the first commune to sign up to a Click pilot project. The Click is to be rolled out in other towns, cities and communes in 2021. The Click was introduced in Antwerp in July 2021.

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The Click is an app that allows you to scan your own waste on the go, or litter, and throw it in the bin. In this way you save points - the so-called Circular UCoins - which you can exchange at local merchants.

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