Tips & tricks

You are convinced that sorting is useful and you know the sorting rules. All you need to do now is organise yourself. We have listed the main steps for a successful introduction, with some tips and tricks. Let’s get started!

1. Involve as many as possible

The more people you have on board, the higher your chances of success. Inform everyone and explain why sorting is so important to you. You can inform visitors or customers beforehand in your newsletter or on your website. Don’t forget your cleaning staff either. Their active cooperation makes all the difference.

2. Raise people's awareness and inform them

Notify people in the building that all waste must be sorted from now on. Put up posters in places with high traffic or in places where people eat and drink. Put up posters with the sorting instructions near the various waste bins. Everyone should immediately see what goes where.

3. Place your waste bins within reach

Make people’s lives easier. Install waste bins in places where they eat and drink. Make sure that the waste bins are emptied regularly. Full bins will not encourage them to sort their waste properly. Also make sure you have enough bins for residual waste. It’s the best way to prevent residual waste from ending up in the PMD, paper-cardboard or glass bins.

4. Use the right waste bins

There are good solutions available for the various types of waste. A quick search on the internet will definitely help. Make sure you also put out the waste in the right way for collection. Contact your waste collection service or your municipality for more information.

5. Check regularly and adjust when necessary

Everyone can make mistakes. Things are no different when it comes to sorting waste. That is why we recommend regularly checking the collected waste during the start-up phase. If you see that people are not correctly sorting their waste or not doing enough sorting, then check what might be the cause and adjust where necessary.

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