Primary school

“Leren Afval Beheren op School” (LABO, Learning to manage waste at school) is an interactive course for primary education. It raises children’s awareness of waste and focuses on the prevention, reuse, sorting and recycling of waste. Children learn about all the aspects of the sorting process. They receive practical tips, which they can immediately apply at school and at home.

Practical information

LABO voor lagere scholenTarget group

Children in primary school (ages 8 to 12).

Activity leaders

The enthusiastic and experienced animators of GoodPlanet.


Half a day.


At school, preferably in the multipurpose area.



What's the activity about?

First the children watch the film “De voorwerpen van morgen” (Tomorrow’s objects). It shows the journey our waste makes during the recycling process and helps children understand the importance of correctly sorting waste.

Then we open the recycling chest. It contains five cylinders with samples of raw materials and recycled products. They illustrate the lifecycle of glass, paper and cardboard, and PMD. The children learn why they should be careful with natural resources.

Finally, the children take a closer look at a residual waste bag. What does not belong in this bag? How can we reduce residual waste? The children then form groups and think of ways to reduce and better sort waste at home and at school.

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