Ordering containers

Fost Plus helps your school efficiently sort waste with PMD and paper-cardboard containers and related communication materials. Orders can be placed through your municipality or intermunicipal company.

Depending on the size of your school and your classes, you can request the following crates and containers from your intermunicipal company:

  • a 30-litre paper crate for every class
  • one 120-litre PMD container (with or without an opening in it, to be installed in hallways, in the cafeteria or in the playground) per 50 students
  • one PMD container and one paper-cardboard container, of 1.100 litres each, for schools with fewer than 800 students
  • two PMD containers and two paper-cardboard containers, of 1.100 litres each, for schools with more than 800 students

Each container comes with stickers with the sorting rules on them. We also have PMD and paper-cardboard posters that you can order, as well as a campaign kit to raise awareness with (maintenance) staff.

We recommend placing your PMD container next to your residual waste container for optimal sorting.



PMD Container


Contact your municipality or intermunicipal company

Your municipality and/or intermunicipal company is in charge of the selective waste collection. You can find more information on their website about waste collection times, collection points, recycling centres/container parks and second-hand shops (Kringwinkels/Ressourceries). Enter your post code below and you will immediately receive all the data you need to contact them.



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Order your containers

Please contact your intermunicipal company to order the crates and containers or to request additional information.

More information?

Please contact Fost Plus at info@fostplus.be