Sorting in your municipality

To find out when PMD, glass or paper-cardboard are being collected in your municipality, please check the waste collection calendar for your municipality or intermunicipal company. The timing and frequency of collection is different in every municipality. You can also find more information on your municipality’s website or your intermunicipal company’s website.

Contact your municipality or intermunicipal company

Your municipality and/or intermunicipal company is in charge of the selective waste collection. You can find more information on their website about waste collection times, collection points, recycling centres/container parks and second-hand shops (Kringwinkels/Ressourceries). Enter your post code below and you will immediately receive all the data you need to contact them.

sorteren in uw gemeente inzamelingCheck the waste collection calendar

  • Paper version. Your waste intermunicipal company or municipality sends you a paper waste collection calendar annually. It contains all the information about waste collections in your municipality, neighbourhood or street. Contact your waste intermunicipal company or municipality if you didn’t get one.
  • Online. The waste collection calendar for your municipality, neighbourhood or street is also available online at or You can also automatically add the waste collection dates to your personal agenda.

Download the Recycle! app

The Recycle! app combines all the information about waste collection in your municipality.

Recycle app

  • All waste collection dates on your smartphone or tablet. This handy calendar provides a weekly or monthly overview of all the waste collections in your municipality or street. It also includes an overview of the sorting rules for PMD, glass and paper-cardboard.
  • Never forget to put out your trash bags and waste containers again. The app allows you to set reminders for all waste collections in your street. Your smartphone will display a reminder the evening before or on the morning itself.
  • The fastest route to your recycling centre or container park. Finally, you can also check the addresses for all the recycling centres, Bebat collection points or Kringwinkels/Ressourceries in your neighbourhood, including their opening hours and the fastest route there.

Download the app in the AppStore and Google Playstore.


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