Sorting rules Paper-Cardboard



Paper bags and cardboard boxes, magazines, newspapers, advertising, books, paper for writing and printing.

Not allowed

Residu paper-cardboard

Soiled or greasy paper and cardboard, cellophane, wallpaper, aluminum.


  • Remove the plastic film from newspapers, magazines and advertising.
  • Avoid heavy cardboard boxes (15 kg maximum).
  • Deposit your paper-cardboard in cardboard boxes or make it into a small parcel, preferably tied up with natural string (no steel wires or plastic).
  • Do not use adhesive tape to secure the boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are soiled and greasy paper, cling film and wallpaper not allowed in the selective collection of paper-cardboard?

They contain substances including cellophane and glue that have a negative influence on the recycling process of paper. Fibers that are too heavily polluted disrupt the recycling process and undermine the quality of the recycled paper. Always dispose of them with residual waste or at your container park.

Why should I always remove the plastic film around advertising brochures and magazines?

The plastic substantially pollutes the recycling process of paper-cardboard. Always dispose of the plastic film with your residual waste or at your container park.

What if I have doubts about how to sort a specific packaging?

When you have doubts about how to sort a specific packaging, we recommend checking the sorting rules for PMD, glass and paper-cardboard. These rules are also listed on the waste collection calendar of your intermunicipal company or in the Recyle! app for your smartphone and tablet. If you are still uncertain, then dispose of the packaging in the residual waste bag. This is the best way to avoid problems during the sorting and recycling process.


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